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Bend's Private & Unique Studio

Admittedly, we are a little different and this isn’t your typical yoga studio. We specialize in Private Yoga lessons, and our goal is to help you develop, grow, and thrive.

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Yoga Indigo | Bend, Oregon

About Yoga Indigo

jeannie-tall"The Yoga Indigo Studio is an extraordinary space to practice yoga. It is peaceful and private, and just feels good. Colorful, clean, and fresh, it immediately makes me feel relaxed the moment I walk through the door." -Margaret Matthews, Bend 2012

Maybe you already love yoga, and are ready to deepen your practice and learn more. Perhaps you have an issue, injury, or special condition that you’d like to focus on specifically. Maybe you are new to yoga and feel a little intimidated by the bigger classes, or you have tried it and felt lost or overwhelmed. Maybe class times at other studios just don’t seem to fit in with your schedule. Maybe you'd like to have a special class just for you and your daughter, or spouse, a few friends, or some of your co-workers. Maybe you have been looking something different, but just haven't found it yet. 

As the owner of Yoga Indigo, I promote "less is more" with full service Yoga One on One, by appointment and custom tailored for each individual...simply because it works. Private yoga lessons, teacher trainings and workshops, and retreats are my personal areas of passion, inspiration, and transformation. The Yoga Indigo studio is simply a sanctuary, your safe space to reflect and grow, and a school for everyone. Please call, email, or drop by for a visit and cup of tea, or make an appointment to experience our style and studio. It would be an honor and a pleasure to meet you and help make yoga a part of your life.

The place is here, the time is now. Call today! (541)639-2618

About Jeannie laslo douglas, MA eryt 500

"Jeannie's guidance through poses, breathing techniques and meditation has brought me from ill-health to joyful, sustained health. My doctors are amazed and I am grateful. Her instruction lovingly brought me back to trust the wisdom of yoga practice." Barbara McAbee, Bend 2014

With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's in Exercise Physiology, Jeannie has been studying and teaching Yoga, Meditation, Deep Relaxation, visualization techniques, fitness, and wellness in variety of settings and locations since 1995. She is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500-hour level with the Yoga Alliance, and has been influenced by many styles of Hatha Yoga. Much of her training has been with Integral Yoga Institutes and teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda.

Raised on the sugar sand beaches of the Treasure Coast, she discovered at an early age a deep passion for relaxing beautiful places and adventure. Her travels have taken her through the Caribbean and Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Cuba, Mexico, Hawaii, New Zealand, Panama, Costa Rica, Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, and more. From living in the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado to the San Francisco Bay in California, to living now in the one and only Bend Oregon, Jeannie has an eye for those extra special places of natural beauty and tranquility.

Her teaching style is a unique blend of art and science, body and mind. Gently challenging with flow and moments of pause and silence, Jeannie guides you inward every time with grace and energy. She holds certifications in Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga (Yogic Philosophy), from Integral Yoga Institutes Satchidananda Ashram in Virginia and San Francisco where she was a course instructor and mentor for trainees and new teachers. With equal emphasis on asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), meditation, and deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra), her classes will always leave you feeling energized and calm, refreshed and recharged like you just had a massage.

Jeannie's experience teaching yoga to all ages, levels, and abilities has come from being in so many different educational and interesting environments. She has taught and developed yoga programs in universities, hospitals, corporations, police departments, physical therapy clinics, spas, resorts, and more. While large yoga classes may be more common, Jeannie was drawn to smaller and more intimate settings, and soon began to specialize in private yoga lessons and teacher trainings, in which all the aspects of yoga are introduced and integrated most effectively. She has owned yoga studios in Florida and California, and opened Yoga Indigo in 2011 after moving to Bend Oregon with her husband and two dogs Sierra and Bella.

"Jeannie has a very special way of teaching yoga. Her voice, verbal instructions, tone, and nonjudgmental style guides me in a way that is both gentle and strong, and always makes me feel more at home in my own body and in my life. Thank you!"  -Carrie Baldwin, Bend 2012