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Private Yoga Lessons

A private lesson is a special experience and very different from a group class. Some styles of yoga tend to follow a rigid repertoire of poses, especially in a group class setting. Private yoga lessons, on the other hand, are specifically designed to meet your needs and to help you maximize the benefits of your yoga practice. One on One at Yoga Indigo is a personalized approach to yoga.

It is simply a way to determine exactly how yoga can benefit you.  First, we will assess a number of factors to develop an informed, individualized strategy for your yoga therapy. Postural imbalances, history of injury, surgery, and other physical limitations will be taken into account when coming up with a plan to meet your health goals.


"My wife and I have practiced Kripalu style yoga for many years, both with teachers at the retreat center and at home. We haven't gone to a class for several years now, and while home practice is great we missed the intensity and guidance that comes with a good teacher, so we decided to look around. In the end we decided rather than a larger class that we'd give Yoga Indigo's semi-private a try, and we're very glad we did. Jeannie is an absolutely top-notch yoga teacher that tailored the sessions to our particular needs (my wife's back surgery, my post retirement body). She creates a meditative space and really works to help us find the edge of creating an intense but safe practice. Plus she's really nice. So happy we found her." -Adam Jones, Bend 2014

Starting up

Starting up is easy! Simply contact Jeannie today to schedule your first private yoga lesson. First lessons normally take around 90 minutes to identify your strengths, areas of tightness and/or weakness, any imbalances, and other goals or questions that you may have. No need to bring anything with you, just dress comfortably in non-restrictive clothing and everything else will be provided for you. Afterwards, we can determine where you would like to go from there. You may like to start with a package of five or ten lessons and spread them out over the month to see and feel the benefits of your regular practice.

When you begin your one-on-one instruction, you'll see how the personal attention that you can only get in a private lesson can help you meet your goals more quickly and more effectively than in a group class setting. Each lesson is unique, and goes with the way your body is today, much like a massage.

This is a wonderful introduction for those new to yoga. By learning variations to poses, you'll learn how to modify difficult poses so that they are more accessible to you, and how to modify easy poses to make them more challenging.

strength, flexibility, balance

As we begin to practice yoga, we learn how to:

  • Gently challenge ourselves without strain
  • Breathe deeply and continuously
  • Honor and respect any injuries or special conditions
  • Develop an inward focus and let go of feelings of competition or expectation
  • Be mindful and present

Private lessons can fine tune and deepen your already consistent yoga practice. You may have questions or like some guidance on a specific asana (posture) or another aspect of yoga like pranayama (breathing methods), meditation, stress reduction, guided relaxation, the philosophy of yoga, and more spiritual aspects of yoga.

Yoga is amazing; it is both therapeutic and preventive and anyone can do it. However, if your body is super stiff or you have a lot of pain, sometimes regular yoga classes are just “too much”. If your pain or discomfort is not getting better, or is getting worse, you may need a more “customized” form of yoga, with modifications and variations just right for you and your current state of being.

less Pain

Pain is a sign that there is dysfunction in your body. With chronic pain, rarely is the area of pain the actual problem. The idea is to improve your functional movement and muscular balance and get a clearer understanding of your pain cycles and what you can do to shift that experience. With practice, you’ll notice the pain reducing, ease and calmness increasing and your strength improving. This naturally allows you more movement and more activity, and if you want to go to a regular yoga class your body will be ready.

Semi-private lessons

Semi-private lessons are for groups of five people or less. This is a wonderful way to spend healthy time together, and perfect for friends, couples, parent and child, co-workers, bridal parties, and birthdays as a way to bond and practice together.

If you would like to begin semi-private lessons but don't know anyone that can join you at this time, please let me know and I will help you find a compatible group to join. All are welcome!

You can schedule your private and semi-private lessons several different ways. One lesson per week is an excellent tune up and complement to your other yoga classes, while some like to meet more frequently depending on the goals that are set. Days and times are always up to you.

See you soon!