Private Yoga

Customized Yoga

Customized Yoga


Designed to meet your needs and to help you maximize 

the benefits on your yoga practice.

Customized Yoga

Customized Yoga

Customized Yoga


Create a tailored lesson for you and a group that you choose. (friends, family, bridal parties, etc.)

Virtual Yoga

"Your Location" Yoga

"Your Location" Yoga


Is your schedule busy and you have little time?  

This is a perfect option for yoga in your personal space.  

"Your Location" Yoga

"Your Location" Yoga

"Your Location" Yoga

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Would you prefer to experience private yoga in a location of your personal choice, i.e. home, outdoors, special event or ??

Private Lessons

A private lesson is a special experience and very different from a group class. Some styles of yoga may follow a rigid repertoire of poses, especially in a larger class setting. Private yoga lessons, on the other hand, are specifically designed to meet your needs and to help you maximize the benefits of your yoga practice. One-on-one at Yoga Indigo is a personalized approach to yoga.  It is simply a way to determine exactly how yoga can benefit you. 

First we will assess a number of factors to develop an informed, individualized strategy for you. Postural imbalances, history of injury, surgery, and other physical limitations will be taken into account when coming up with a plan to meet your health.

Starting up is easy!   The first meeting normally take around 75 minutes to identify your strengths, areas of tightness and/or weakness, any imbalances and other goals or questions that you may have. No need to bring anything with you, just dress comfortably in non-restrictive clothing and everything else will be provided for you. Afterwards, we can determine where you would like to go from there. You may like to start with a package of five or ten lessons and spread them out over the month to see and feel the benefits of your regular practice.  When you begin your one-on-one instruction, you'll see how the personal attention that you can only get in a private lesson can help you meet your goals more quickly and more effectively than in a group class. Each lesson is unique and goes with the way your body is today, much like a massage.

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Carrie Lucas

Client Testimonial

"I took a semi private class taught by Carrie and I absolutely loved it. The intimate feel of the studio created a relaxing and comfortable yoga experience."

-Grace J.


Customized Lessons

Customized Lessons allow you to design a class incorporating people that you bring together.  Whether it's a group of friends, family, bridal party, girls weekend, etc. plan to have fun while being spoiled. Customized with specialized treatment at the same time. This is an opportunity to build a class of up to five people.

Through this custom experience you are able to design a class that caters to everyone while enjoying the benefits of restorative yoga. Come prepared to enjoy yourself, "be still, let go" while experiencing gentle relaxation.

You can schedule this semi private experience however your prefer. One yoga lesson per week is an excellent tune up and complements your other exercise favorites, while some like to meet more frequently depending on the goals that are set. Days and times are always up to you.

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Virtual Yoga Lessons

Is your schedule so busy that it's hard to fit everything in your day?  Join the new trend of virtual yoga where you can enjoy yoga in your social distanced space, super easy and fun!  It's easy, complete the Get Started Form to sign up.  Click HERE to view the schedule.  


"Your Location" Lessons

Yoga at "Your Location" is a way to experience yoga in a private space of your choice.  You may choose your home, a favorite 

place outdoors, a private event - your choice!!  We will assess a number of factors to develop an informed strategy for you.   

A history of physical limitations will be taken into account when coming up with a plan to meet your health.  It's easy, complete the Get Started Form to learn more!